Vertical Safety

These nets fully protect the vertical spaces so that there is no possibility that workers can fall into spaces from the inside. In addition to protecting holes within the floor, they also prevent workers falling from windows and stairwells.

Fall Arrest

Safety nets are collective fall arrest systems, not fall restraint systems. That is, they provide passive protection from falls while allowing people to work at height without restricting their movement.

Rack Nets

These nets prevent workers or material falling from an open edge: slab edges (horizontal use), subject to cantilevered structures.

Whatever your requirement for the supply of safety netting we are able to provide a solution. As the New Zealand arm of Leon de Oro, an internationally successful safety netting manufacturing company, we can supply products from standard to custom designed nets.


We supply the quality safety products listed below

Safety Nets

System S

Gold Line and Classic Line Fall Arrest Netting

Tray Nets

System T

The purpose of Tray Nets is to prevent the fall of people and debris from an open edge by using netting

Tray Netting can be used on the edge of floors (horizontal use, attached to projecting structures)

Scaffold Nets

System U

Vertical netting systems

The purpose of Scaffold Netting is to prevent the fall of people and materials from an open edge. Scaffold Netting is used on the edge of floors (horizontal use, attached to projecting structures)

This allows the user to have a total Vertical Safety Net fall protection system around the outer perimeter edge of the building.

Working Platforms


These are installed onto the structure using a high tension grid system. This allows the nets to be tensioned and used in the manner as a temporary access platform.

“Safety isn't expensive, it's priceless”

BESAFE Supplies

The Health and Safety in Employment Act (HSE Act) 1992 requires that all practicable steps must be taken to prevent a person at work from being harmed. People who have responsibilities under the law include:

  • Employers
  • Self employed people
  • Principals
  • Anyone who hires

This means where it is possible for someone to fall from a height while working, all practicable steps must be taken to prevent them from being injured, regardless of whether they are working at height for a short or long time.

Safety nets are designed to progressively deflect (stretch) and absorb the energy of a fall, so a falling person is less likely to be injured.

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